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ACERO for Metals

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Service Centers

Companies that handle and process steel coils, including slitting and blanking, are a perfect fit for a ACERO.

Software Features

The major features of ACERO are listed below.  Not all features are listed.  For questions about functionality not listed below, Ask ACERO or call us directly!

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Multi-User Support
ACERO is a multi-user environment, allowing each user to have a unique username and password with personalized security permissions.  This allows the software to timestamp virtually every activity in the system with the user responsible for the activity, resulting in increased accountability and better tracking of employee performance.
Multi-Company Support
Clients operating as multiple companies, divisions, or business units can share a single ACERO installation and database.  All transactions in the system are attributed to their respective company/division/unit, while system maintenance remains centralized and manageable.
Advanced Security
ACERO features a highly customizable security system, allowing system administrators to grant or deny access to specific screens and actions in the software for each individual user.  Administrators can also create Security Groups, which serve as templates for permissions and operate analogous to Windows Security Groups.
Customer & Vendor Management
Once a Customer or Vendor is added to the system, ACERO begins storing billing addresses, shipping addresses, order history, pricing information, and other relevant information to assist users in becoming more efficient in their activities.

By allowing users to set default addresses and pricing information for Vendors and Customers, ACERO users can place or take orders with speed and accuracy.
Inventory Management
Track inventory and transaction history of all your parts across multiple locations and warehouses.  ACERO follows on-hand inventory, purchased inventory pending receipt, inventory pending production, and inventory being transferred between locations.  ACERO also supports pallet/skid tagging of inventory, as well as RF Technology solutions for tag scanning with portable devices.
Part Master Management
ACERO provides incredible flexibility in the setup of parts.  Designed to handle fixed-length and variable-length parts, as well as parts with multiple configurations, ACERO allows users to designate parts as purchased, sold, and manufactured, specify multiple units of measure for inventory, sales, and purchasing purposes, designate default storage and manufacturing locations, and setup complex bills of materials. 

Organizing parts into Product Lines, Categories, and Classes is also supported by ACERO, allowing improved management of related items for pricing, reporting, and production purposes.

The immense control users have in setting up their parts is a big reason why our software fits. 
The ACERO Configurator
Designed for highly configurable parts with a multitude of customizable attributes, the ACERO Configurator allows the user to build customized, make-to-order products on the fly in Order Entry.  For companies that sell or manufacture items available in varying colors, configurations, and with varying accessories, the ACERO Configurator was designed with your needs in mind.
Coil Management
For clients that work with coils, ACERO can track the status, location, and properties of every coil passing through your inventory.  ACERO also maintains detailed historical records of coils, including coil genealogy for service centers and heat testing information for roll-formers.  Storing multiple coils on skids is also supported.
Steel Processing
Service centers can slit, break, and process coils easily with ACERO's Steel Processing module.  Detailed transactions and coil genealogy ensures that the origin and history of every coil in your system is stored safely.
Purchasing & Receiving
Create Purchase Orders for parts, coils, and services, and track scheduled receipts and receive material into inventory with ease.  ACERO makes it simple to work with Vendors and evaluate their performance.
Material Transfers
Transferring and receiving materials between locations and warehouses is easy with ACERO.  Inventory levels are automatically updated as material is relieved from one location, becomes in-transit to its destination, and is received at its destination.
Sales Orders & Order Entry
ACERO features a flexible Order Entry system, allowing sales representatives to create, configure, and price products on the fly.  The system supports the ordering of parts, coils, and services, and make-to-order items can automatically generate Work Orders as they are entered into the system.  ACERO also features a sophisticated Credit Management system, automatically placing Sales Orders on Credit Hold for customers above their credit limit.
Production & Work Orders
ACERO features a powerful and flexible Work Order Production system, adaptable to fit roll-formers, fabricators, and manufactuers of products derived from a straightforward manufacturing process.

Our advanced features include auto-generation of Work Orders, automated relieving of complex Bills of Materials, sequential Work Order generation (i.e. welding then painting), integrated coil reporting and production, and automated Pallet Tag generation for finished and intermediate products.  ACERO also features Production Planning and Scheduling functionality.
Shipping & Truckloading
ACERO's Shipping Management system provides great flexibility in shipping parts and coils.  Sales Orders and Material Transfers can be shipped on separate trucks, or users can place multiple Sales Order shipments and Transfer Orders shipments on a single truck.

Multiple stops and addresses on a shipment are also supported, with ACERO's integrated Truckloading System clearly indicating the stop number for each pallet being positioned on the truck bed.

ACERO's Shipping Management system is fully integrated with both Accounts Receivable and Inventory Management, and is capable of auto-generating Invoices as Sales Orders ship and relieving inventory as trucks leave the facility.
Accounts Receivable
Creating Invoices, issuing Credits and Debits, and Applying Payments are simple and straightforward with ACERO.  Invoices can be auto-generated when Sales Orders are shipped, or users can manually create Invoices from multiple shipments, or from scratch.  Credits and Debits can be created and applied against specific Invoices, and Taxes, Charges, and Discounts are all easily managed via ACERO's Accounts Receivable system.
Commissions & Sales Rep Management
Tracking commissions earned by Sales Representatives is easy with ACERO.  Our software allows managers to specify default commission percentages for Sales Representatives, as well as custom commission percentages for individual Customers or Sales Orders.  Shared commissions, as well as other advanced options, are also supported. 
Price Management
ACERO helps users effectively manage and tailor prices for their Customers through a simple, yet flexible pricing system.

List Pricing - Every product sold in ACERO carries a list price and standard cost.  In the absence of Customer and Job Pricing, this is the default price of the item.

Customer Pricing - Prices and discounts can be tailored for each individual Customer, taking precedence over generic List Prices.  Users can specify discounts off list prices, cost-plus percentage discounts, and fixed pricing for specific items or entire product lines.

Job Pricing - Prices and discounts can be tailored for each individual Job, taking precedence over Customer or List Prices.  Users can specify discounts off list prices, cost-plus percentage discounts, and fixed pricing for specific items or entire product lines.

Copying pricing from one Job or Customer to another is also a simple process.

Scheduled price increases (escalations) are also automated in ACERO, allowing individual products or entire product lines to be increased by a predetermined percentage on a specified date.

Product pricing is always date-sensitive in ACERO, meaning products can be priced as of last month's prices, or an estimated future ship date.
Cost Management
Both standard and actual costing, with FIFO and LIFO options, are built into ACERO's core functionality, providing accurate Cost of Goods Sold reporting for purchased, roll-formed, and manufactured products. 
Physical Inventory & Reconciliation
Maintain accurate inventory of your coils and parts using ACERO's Physical Inventory system.  Automated inventory reconciliation and comprehensive reporting allows users to manually report their inventory, identify inaccurate inventory levels, and correct these levels in an automated fashion.  ACERO also allows manual adjustments of individual parts via an Inventory Adjustment screen.
Job Management
Draft Job Quotes and manage Job Contracts using ACERO's Job Management system.  ACERO allows users to specify special pricing and discounts for each Job, as well as monitor all production, shipping, and billing activity against the Job.
Contract Management for Fabricators
Intended for use with large-scale, multi-phase manufacturing projects, ACERO's Contract Management system allows users to track and manage project related activities including approvals, submittals, CAD design, purchasing, production, shipping, and billing.
Engineering / CAD Integration for Fabricators
Acero Solutions works with clients to enable CAD designers to import complex Bills of Materials directly into ACERO's Contract Management system.
Case Management
Defective products, manufacturing problems, and customer complaints are easily recorded, addressed, and rectified by ACERO's integrated Case Management system.  Cases can be associated with specific Orders, Shipments, and Invoices, allowing easy referencing of source documents to their related cases.
Reports & Printed Documents
ACERO comes equipped with a vast library of flexible reports for every business need and desire.  Printed documents like Invoices and Order Confirmations are already configured to display your company's logo and address, and users are given a multitude of customizable criteria to run every report.

For clients wishing to use their own formats for Invoices, Sales Orders, Bills of Lading, and other commonly personalized documents, ACERO offers affordable custom report design and development services.
Accounting Features
Use ACERO's built-in Accounting Features and reporting tools, or export transactions to Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) or Quickbooks.
RF Technology & Barcoding / ACERO for Windows CE
ACERO for Windows CE is designed to streamline the management of parts and coils through the use of handheld devices running the Windows CE operating system.

Properly barcoded coils can be shipped, produced, or partialled by simply scanning the coil with a handheld device.  Inventory stored on Pallet Racks can be barcoded for easy reporting of production, shipping, and inventory auditing.
Automated Print Services
Many of our clients have printers dedicated to certain types of documents.  Whether you're printing barcode labels on the Zebra printer in the shop, Bills of Lading on an Tally Printer out front, or Invoices to a dedicated network printer by your desk, ACERO's Automated Printing Services can automatically queue and print the right documents to the right printers.
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