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Standard Licensing

The ACERO Standard Licensing Program (known also as Perpetual Licensing) entitles the customer to own a license to the ACERO software program for the entire life of the product.

The customer must maintain an annual maintenance contract to be eligible for product updates, upgrades, and technical support.  Pricing for an ACERO Standard/Perpetual License is typically dependent on the number of users that will be accessing the software.  Other factors may apply.

Subscription Licensing

With the ACERO Subscription Licensing Program, customers can subscribe to—-rather than purchase—the ACERO enterprise software system.  A minimum commitment of one year is required to begin the program.  At the end of the Subscription License term, customers can renew with a new agreement (minimum of one year) to continue using the product.

All updates, upgrades, and technical support are included with an ACERO Subscription License.

Subscription pricing is typically dependent on the number of users that will be accessing the software, and the number of years of the subscription term.  Other factors may apply.

Services Pricing

Customization, training, implementation, and other ACERO Services are billed hourly.  Hourly rates may be negotiable based upon the projected scope of the services provided.
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ACERO Pricing

Standard Licensing Program

Subscription Licensing Program

Services Pricing

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