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Hannibal goes Handheld with RF Technology
June 2006

Acero Solutions, a leading provider of enterprise software for the metals, construction, and distribution industries, this month announced the launch of ACERO’s new software extension for RF-enabled handheld devices. The development of this addition was conducted in cooperation with Hannibal Material Handling, a division of Hannibal Industries and the largest pallet rack manufacturer west of the Rocky Mountains.

ACERO’s radio-frequency (RF) software extension is designed to run specifically on handheld, barcode-scanning devices running Microsoft Windows CE.NET. Data updates conducted using ACERO RF technology occur in real-time, allowing shipments, production, and inventory auditing to be recorded instantly.

Features currently supported by ACERO’s software extension for handheld devices include the creation and posting of shipments, steel production reporting, and inventory auditing using pallet tags.

Hannibal Material Handling is a division of Hannibal Industries, a member of Mitsui USA’s Iron & Steel Products Division.

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