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ACERO introduces Subscription Licensing Program
January 2006

Acero Solutions, a leading provider of enterprise software for the metals, construction, and distribution industries, this month announced the introduction of a Subscription Licensing Program for the ACERO enterprise software system.

ACERO’s Subscription Licensing Program was created to provide flexibility for businesses seeking an alternative to purchasing an ACERO Perpetual License. Contingent upon a one to three-year upfront commitment, an ACERO Subscription License allows users to pay on a monthly or quarterly basis for both maintenance and licensing of the ACERO enterprise software system.

"An ACERO Perpetual License makes the best sense for businesses which are growing and expect to be in it for the long term. They own the software and have a fixed IT cost that is predictable,” explained Tony Bako, President of Acero Solutions. “However, it may be the case that a business would prefer a low initial cost of ownership, or wants to pilot and test our software to see how well it works and fits their needs. The ACERO Subscription Licensing Program is perfect for those types of customers.”

Acero Solutions also provides conversion options for customers wishing to move from an ACERO Subscription License to an ACERO Perpetual License.

For more information on ACERO’s Subscription Licensing Program, please contact an Acero Sales Representative today.

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ACERO introduces Subscription Licensing Program

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